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Mobil Tech RV Repair is here to take care of all the RV air conditioning service needs of Quartzsite, AZ and the surrounding area. We know the importance of having a working air conditioner in Arizona’s warm climate. Our air conditioning services include:

• System Diagnostics
• Hose Replacement
• Filter Cleaning and Replacement
• Condenser and Evaporator Cleaning
• Fan Motor Lubrication
• Fan Motor Repair and Replacement

The most common problem RV air conditioners suffer from is a dirty filter. A dirty filter decreases the efficiency of your cooling system and can cause freezing and electrical problems with your RV in general. Proper filter cleaning and replacement is the best way to ensure and extend the lifespan of your RV air conditioning unit.

An RV air conditioner is not designed to be recharged. It is a sealed system, making it difficult to open up and look at the inside. If your air conditioner is not keeping you cool enough and you suspect it needs a coolant recharge, please talk to us first. Chances are your RV’s air conditioner is not working properly due to a dirty filter or evaporator, and not because it needs a coolant recharge. Whatever the problem happens to be, we will find it.

In addition to our A/C services, we can also offer you tips and suggestions about how to properly maintain your RV air conditioner. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your unit and reduce repair costs.

If you need RV air conditioning services you can trust, make an appointment with Mobil Tech RV Repair immediately.

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